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You don’t stay in business for 25 years unless you are doing something right. During the 25 years Telephone Pub has been in business in Silom Soi 4 it has seen many changes but has kept its own mix of fun, informality, good food and affordable drinks. Because of this Telephone Pub has become locally and internationally recognized as the oldest & best Gay Pub & meeting place in Bangkok in essence, Thailand. When we use the word ‘heart’ we mean ‘the centre’ or ‘soul.'; Telephone Pub has become the centre of the social gay life of many locals and visitors to Bangkok. Why? It’s a place that’s attractive and welcomes everyone.

Come to Telephone Pub any night and you meet all classes of people of all sexes and sexual persuasions. The music plays at a level that does not distract from the main point of going out… communication.

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While having a drink you can casually turn to the person next to you or pick up the internal house phone (yes, the phones do work) and dial the extension nearest the guy who has caught your eye and say “hello.’ The answer may surprise you. Not the actual words but the accent. Telephone Pub customers are from everywhere. On your left will be someone from Germany, on the right an Italian, across the room an American talking to an Australian who is in the company of someone from France, an African man walks in as well as visitors from our nearer neighbours, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Philippines and Hong Kong. And, of course, Thais. This is why they all come to Telephone Pub to meet and enjoy. At this point we should give a honourable mention of our staff who are known for their friendliness.

Tonight a drink, tomorrow a meal. In a well set-up modern kitchen, conforming to proper health standards, Telephone Pub prepares a very large number of meals each night. There are not many restaurants that could boast the quantity of meals produced. Food is served from 6 pm until at least 1:00 am. The kitchen is always busy preparing both Thai and Western food for your enjoyment.

Telephone Pub is very proud of their Staff. They work very hard for you, we know you can’t run a successful establishment without good & friendly staff, they still have time to joke and socialise and make YOU feel that you are the most important person in the pub. Giggling, nonsense, flirting and fun are all part of their friendly character and after a couple of visits you will realise they remember you. Your drink may appear before you order it (we hope it is what you wanted that night!), this is all part of the special charm.

A friendly greeting as you enter and a lovely smile goes with the service.

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While every night is special at Telephone Pub we also regularly have special event nights of fun. Just go to our website event page to see what is planned for you this month and all year. When you visit Telephone Pub the special events are advertised throughout the Pub, Restaurant & Karaoke Lounge.

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To the staff and management of Telephone Pub the customer is the most important part of the business. This is what service is all about and it is why for over 21 years people have been saying “meet you at Telephone” – it is in the heart and mind of every Telephone Customer. With a 75 seat Pub with 2 bars, 60 Seating Restaurant and Bar and 80 seating in our Karaoke Lounge with Long Bar … plus good staff, drinks, food, service & music we give you another 215+ reasons (other customers) to have a good time.

Have fun, enjoy …the staff & management of Telephone Pub, Restaurant
& Karaoke